How to host the best baby shower party

What is a baby shower and how to host one.

The baby shower is a joyful event and another of those celebrations that seem to have emanated in America and are now becoming very popular in the UK. The idea is to invite family and friends to get together to pass on all the mothering advice and wisdom to the expectant mum-to-be and to ”shower” the baby with gifts. Traditionally it was only for the first born child, the reason being is that once you had your first baby you would not need any more advice for any additional children. Nowadays its not uncommon to have a shower for every baby that comes along, if not just to have a get together with the girls. The main thing is to make the mum-to-be feel really special, enjoy herself and most of all have fun with the people that mean the most to her. One last point is that don’t throw a surprise party unless you are certain the mother wont feel that she has been put in an awkward position.


You can hold one anytime after the good news is announced but it is usually later on in the pregnancy that is best for the mum this is so that she can appreciate it more, besides she wants to look pregnant and show off her bump to all her guests. They can be held at any time of the day depending on the mums preference. Before you set the time and date have a chat with the guests that you would like to invite to see it the date doesn’t clash with any prior commitments. There is nothing worse than setting a date and sending out the invitations only to find that some of the key guests can’t make it.
Don’t leave it to long into the pregnancy as the bump gets bigger so it gets more uncomfortable. About two months before due date is about right. If you decide to hold one after the birth then the newborn will be able to attend and be the centre of attention and the guests can bring gifts specific to the baby’s sex.

Who gets an invite.

Another tradition is that woman only would attend and this seems to still be the case today although there is nothing wrong with having a mixed event. You can make it as big or small as the mum-to-be prefers. Make a list of all the people you would like to invite and show it to the parents to be finalised or ask the parents for their own list of guests that they would like to invite and don’t forget your going to need their addresses. Dads-to-be don’t need to be left out and can have their own party although they will be different with plenty of beer and video games being the order of the day and not much advice being offered other than sports related.

Who organises the shower.

The parents or relatives don’t usually host the party and it is left to a close friend to take on the hosting duties but that’s not set in stone and its often a female family member that takes up the challenge. It’s quite possible for the mum to have more than one. Work colleagues may also like to throw their own baby shower so that they can feel part of the celebrations and give their own advice and gifts before the mum leaves the workplace.

Where is it held.

You can hold the event anywhere you want to and it can depend on how many people are invited.
If it is just a few family members and friends then this can be held in the hosts house and if the weather is good you can have it in the garden. If the amount of people exceeds the amount that could be crammed into a house then maybe a local venue would be a wise alternative such as a pub or club with venue room your local community hall or a restaurant. Please try not to hold it in the parents-to-be’s  home as they don’t need all the worry of the upcoming party, getting involved in the organisation and all the cleaning up after the last guest has left.

Food and drink.

Typically you would supply a buffet style spread with simple finger foods and nibbles so that the guests can help themselves. A full meal is not expected or needed and if you do hire a venue you could ask them if they could supply the buffet. The drink will depend on where the baby shower is to be held. If it is a venue then they might have a bar that they will open and the guests can purchase whatever drinks they desire. You could have a complimentary glass of wine or champagne as the guests arrive. If it is being held at home then you will have to supply the drinks. don’t forget to get something non-alcoholic for the mum-to-be. Tea and coffee is another option depending on whether your guests just want a nice cuppa.


Coming up with baby shower ideas for themes is a very important part of the event. If you know if it’s a boy or a girl you could ask the parents if they would to use a theme in pink or blue. If you don’t know the sex of the baby-to-be then go for a unisex theme which includes such things as baby, storks, prams, abc, and umbrellas. You can decorate your home or hall with matching items to give it a uniformed look with items such as tableware, banners and balloons.


The cost depends on the amount of guests that have been invited and the type of venue that the baby shower will be held. If you have a large budget you can push the boat out but if its tight you will have to be a bit more creative. If you are the host don’t think that you have to cover all the costs yourself. Ask other members of the family and friends if they can chip in. They can put money into a pot or you could ask them to buy certain things or supply food and drink. At the end of the day this is a party for the parents-to-be and not for you and if everybody does their bit then the party will go without a hitch. We hope you found the baby shower ideas helpful in your quest to host the best party.

Guest signing book.

Finally a nice touch is to have a guest signing book so that all the guest can leave their thoughts of the day and the mum will have a keepsake to look back on in the future.

baby shower with prams