Baby Shower Tableware

How to set the perfect table

If you want to host the best party you will need come up with a theme. Luckily looking at baby shower tableware will give you some great ideas of what’s available. It’s a lot harder to decide on a theme first and then try to buy the tableware and decorations. I like to look on my favourite site Amazon whenever I’m doing research because of their vast array of products. This is exactly what I did to find out what tableware was out there and I found plenty of themes to choose from.

Whilst setting out your table you will start with the obvious, the tablecloth then you will need paper plates enough for the savoury’s and the deserts. Napkins are next on the list and then comes paper cups and don’t forget the plastic cutlery. Using throw away tableware not only saves on washing up as you can throw them straight in the bin when used but also stops any breakages. You will also need disposable platters for all your food and nibbles. A centrepiece is a nice touch and will stand out making your table look that little bit more special. Obviously you could be boring and choose cheap white tableware but this a special event and deserves you to push the boat out with a purpose made baby shower tableware.

Although there are a lot of different designs available at Amazon there were three that stood out for me. The first one is Stitch which has the words baby in fancy letters and shower below, it has blue designs for the boys and pink for the girls. The second one I eyed up was on called Umbrellaphants which as the name suggests  has elephants holding an umbrella again they do pink and blue.

For me the best design for me was Tiny Feet not just because of the unisex design with pretty baby grows and prams but because of the amount of products that they sell. Not only do they do the standard tableware but go a lot further with confetti, cake stands, glass markers, rock sweets, cupcake cases and much more but for some unknown reason at time of writing they didn’t show a tablecloth.

Once you have chosen your baby shower tableware the rest of the party decorations can be matched to the same theme. Get the table right for your guests and they will really appreciate the effort that you have put in and you can feel proud of yourself.

baby shower with prams