Baby Shower Invitations

How to invite your guests.

Now once you have your guest list you need to send out baby shower invitations. If its just a small group of family and friends then you could invite them by word of mouth. Another way is to use the technology of today and send out emails or even text but that’s a bit informal.

If you really want to be the best host you can then you should be sending out proper invites. You can hand write your invites for that personal touch or you could buy purposely made ones or even download them from the internet. If you decide to buy them there is a huge range of invitations to choose from with plenty of different themes.  Blue for boys pink for girls plus plenty of unisex ones to choose from check out all the available designs at 

How about this for an idea, send out your invitations in new baby bottles and ask the guests to bring them back them when they come to the shower, this way mum-to-be can have a nice supply of baby bottles for when the baby’s born.

Make sure you send out your invites in plenty of time not too early and definitely not too late, about six weeks should be ample to give the guests time to reply and buy a gift. Make sure you have a RSVP address, telephone number or email address attached so that the guest can reply to you along with the time, date and venue of the baby shower. As you receive the confirmations back you need keep them safe and add the names of the accepters to your original guest list so that you know who is coming and how many. If you don’t receive confirmation from the guests get in touch personally so that you can add or delete them from your list. If you couldn’t invite all the people that you wanted to in the first place and someone can’t make it send out more invites to these people.

Once you have sent out your baby shower invitations and received all the confirmations back you will now know how many to cater for and you can then get on with your planning.

baby shower with prams