Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect gift.

Celebrate the new arrival with the perfect baby shower gift. Choosing one can be as simple or hard as you make it. This all depends on whether you decide to go for the more traditional gift or a unique one. You can buy something special for the mum-to-be just to spoil her for the nine months of hard work that she has had to endure. Most people though buy presents for the baby, with clothes, supplies and cuddly toys being most popular. You can of course give presses to both mum and baby.

Nappy cakes

The Baby Shower Nappy cake is on the top of most peoples lists. They combine a good supply of nappies along with many other baby products and usually topped with a cuddly toy.  There are many designs to choose from with pink, blue and unisex themes available. If you’re  creative then you could make your own nappy cake using your own products. You don’t have to stick with cakes made from nappies as you can have nappy cribs, nappy cupcakes and even a nappy train amongst others.

Clothes bouquet

The Baby Shower Clothes Bouquet is similar idea to the nappy cake but instead of nappies they use baby clothes rolled up and made to look like flowers and then presented in a beautiful bouquet. These are usually available to suit babies from 0-3 months and 3-6 months. My advice to go for the bigger size as baby’s grow fast and the mum will be glad to have clothes later on.

Personal and homemade.

You may want to give a gift that is personal, maybe something that you had as a child that has sentimental memories or a something that has been handed down through the generations. Homemade presents are another idea and shows that you have put a bit of effort into your gift. Handmade gifts include crocheted blankets, knitted hats, booties and cardigans. These gifts are unique and the mum will appreciate the love and thought that has gone into your present.

Baby blankets and bedding.

You cant go wrong with baby blankets as a gift. Cotton is the preferred option as it keeps baby warm in winter and cool in summer and is also soft on the skin. You can also get acrylic blankets which have the same quality’s as cotton but not as soft. There is also fleece blankets made from 100% polyester which are soft for the baby but a bit more expensive but easy to wash and dry. Sheets are available as fitted usually cotton jersey or terry that fit over the mattress and flat that can be used as a top or bottom sheet and made from plain cotton or flannelette. You could give a bedding bundle as a gift with one fitted one flat and a blanket all tied together with a nice ribbon.

Practical gifts.

Practical gifts for baby showers include such things as baby monitors, baby bouncers, activity gyms, baby lotions and wipes, nappy’s, bath kits and books on parenting. You could buy lots of little items that the baby will need in the coming months and make up a nice little hamper.

Personalised gifts.

There are many personalised baby gifts available for you to choose.The main problem is that they usually have the name of the baby on them. If the parents know what they are going to call the new baby and they are happy to let you know then you could buy the gift that you have your eye on, if not you could wait till after the birth but let the parents know that you have something special once the baby has arrived.

Gift vouchers.

If you are really stuck for a present or you prefer to leave it to the parents to choose something that they need you could always give them a gift voucher.

Home cooked meals.

Now after the baby is born the new parents are going to have their hands full so great gift would be to make homemade meals for them on certain days. Another option is to freeze them so they can have them when they want them or if your not the best of cooks you could buy a supply of ready meals for the freezer. The parents will be glad of the night off from cooking and will really appreciate the thought that has gone into your baby shower gift.

baby shower with prams