Baby Shower Games

Fun games to play at your Baby Shower.

Playing baby shower games are a great way to break the ice and liven up your shower. There are plenty to choose from and below is a good selection that I’m sure will have your guests laughing and  giggling.

Don’t say baby.

First you need to buy some cheap dummy’s or you could use toy or sweet ones. Tie a length of string or ribbon onto them, enough so that you they can hang around your neck. As guests arrive give them a dummy which they place around there neck and tell them that they can not say baby. If they say baby and one of the other guests hear they shout out and the fist one to do so wins that persons dummy and then adds it around their neck. The game ends when either one person has won all the dummies or you have a time limit and the one with the most dummy’s wins and gets a prize.

How big is mums bump.

You will need a roll of string or ribbon for this game. Ask your guests to cut a length of the string or ribbon that they think will fit around the mum’s bump. Once they have all been cut you then see which is the closest by wrapping around the mums belly. The winner is the one that is nearest and wins a prize. You can also play this game buy guessing the length and writing it on a piece of paper. You can then use a tape measure to see who’s nearest.


You can play a special Baby Shower Bingo that have cards that you write on with the gifts that you think the mum will receive. As the mum unwraps her gifts you mark them of on your card and when you have a line you call bingo and win a price. You can also buy cards that are marked with baby products instead of numbers and a sheet of products that you cut up and but into a bowl. A caller pulls out the products and you mark them on your card. The winner is the first to get a line and wins a prize.

Pin the dummy.

This game is based on the pin the “tail on the donkey” we played as children. This time you have a baby’s face and you blind fold the guest point them in the right direction and they Pin The Dummy as near as they can to the baby’s mouth. You can also get this game as pin the nappy on the baby. Whichever version you buy the outcome is the same and the winner is the person that gets nearest to the target area and wins a prize.

Name the baby products

Give your guest a pen and paper and ask them to name as many baby products as they can. Set a timer for 5 minutes and watch as they frantically scribble down as many as they can.  Nappy’s, baby bottles and dummy’s are the easy ones but as the time ticks by so they start running out of products to list. The winner is the one with the most and wins a prize.

Bottle feeding.

This is a great game and will have you in fits of laughter. Fill up baby bottles with a liquid of your choice and give one to each guest.  Once you start the game everyone has to suck out the liquid as fast as they can and the one who does it first is the winner and wins a prize.

Scramble it.

Take about 25 baby products and scramble the letters so nappies become psanpie and write them down on a piece of paper and photocopy it and give one to each guest. Set a time of 5 minutes and the winner is either the first person that gets them all right or the one with the most when the time is up and wins a prize.

Name their baby.

As humans we name our new born “baby’s” but what do the animal kingdom call theirs ie lions – cubs and so on. This might take a bit of research but the internet is a great place to get the answers. Once you’ve found the information write down a list of animals and give each guest a copy. Set a timer for a certain amount of time and see who can write down the most animal babies. The winner is the one that completes the list first or the one with the most at the end of the time and wins a prize.

Feed the baby.

Sort you guest into teams of two. One will be the feeder and one will be the eater who has to wear a bib. Give each pair a jar of baby food, the most disgusting one that you can find and the smallest spoon you can find. Then when the mum-to-be shouts go the feeder has to feed their partner as fast as they can and the winner is the couple who finish the jar first and win a prize.

baby shower with prams