Baby Shower Decorations

How to decorate the perfect room

Baby shower decorations is where you can have fun and really get creative. Whether you are decorating a large hall or function room or decorating your home you still have to get it looking just right. If you have chosen a theme using tableware designs then you can carry this on with the decorations. If you have your own design then you can either use bought items or make your own.


If you are looking for Baby Shower Balloons then there are many designs to choose from. If you are looking at latex balloons you are restricted with the shapes that are available. On the other hand if you decide to use foil balloons the you can get all sorts of shapes with dummies, prams, baby bottles and actual babies. If using latex balloons you can use your own puff to blow them up if you are going to pin them to your walls but for best effect the use of helium to let them float is the way to go. When using foil balloons you have no choice but to use helium. Helium can be bought in disposable canisters in various sizes for you to fill your balloons yourself. Once filled you can tie them to chairs and tables or for the extra special look you can use balloon weights, again these come in various designs to suit you theme.


Baby Shower Banners are another great war of decorating your baby shower party. There are a few different types that you can use. You can get your standard solid banner that come with lots of different themes or there’s a flag type again there’s lots to choose from and then there’s the string that you hang from the ceiling. You can choose just one type or a mixture of all of them to achieve the look your after. They are great for hanging to the entrance door to welcome your guests as well as decorating your room.


The use of fresh flowers is a perfect way to give your baby shower decorations a lift. The smell of fresh flowers makes all the difference and can be placed on your food table as a centrepiece or doted around the room for a great effect. Flowers need to be ordered in plenty of time so that they will to be ready to be delivered or picked up on the day or you could buy bunches of flowers and do your own flower arranging.

baby shower with prams