Baby shower checklist

Planning a baby shower can seem a bit daunting but if you plan it well in advance and follow this simple checklist you should be ok but please remember this is a guide and you do not have to stick to it rigorously.


10 Weeks before the baby shower.

  • Ask the mum-to-be if she would like a baby shower.
  • Decide who is going to host or co-host it.
  • Set a budget and ask other guests to chip in.
  • Decide where to host the party, at home or at a venue.
  • Pick a date that is suitable for all the important guests.
  • Make a guest list and confirm it with the parents-to-be.


6 Weeks before.

  • Choose a theme if you are going to have one.
  • Go shopping for disposable tableware and decorations.
  • Send out invitations with RSVP‘s.
  • Plan the menu finger foods or deserts work best.


4 Weeks before.

  • Arrange some extra hands to help with cooking and general duties.
  • Prepare for games by getting the props and materials needed.
  • Order the cake and flowers.


1 week before.

  • Follow up on rsvp’s if you haven’t had a reply.
  • Put together goody bags (favours).
  • If the party is to be held in a house give it a bit of a spring clean.
  • Shop and cook any food that can be kept or frozen.


3 days before.

  • Get the last minute grocery items.


1 day before.

  • Give the house a last minute once over.
  • Set up the party area and put up as many decorations that you can.
  • Prepare any last minute food.


On the day.

  • Pick up the cake and flowers.
  • Pump up the balloons and finish the decorating.
  • Set the main table with food and tableware.
  • Designate someone to look after the mum-to-be.

If the baby shower is being held at a venue then you will have to take all your prepared party food, decorations and all other bits and bobs to the venue and set up there.

baby shower with prams